Sunday, July 26, 2020

Re: PC vs Console 2020.... Uh oh...

I see various prices, but the RTX 2080 costs at least double of what the presumed price ($500 to $550) of the XBox Series X is going to cost.  In fact, the new consoles reportedly have so much power that I think that they will be initially $600 to $700, with the price coming down later as the parts become cheaper.   Microsoft claims that they are going to take a $200 loss on their game system, but they are going to offer a monthly game subscription service which would likely be profitable for them. 

I heard a report that the PS5 costs $450 to build, but even though it is not as quite as powerful as the XBox Series X, it has a more expensive SSD, so it hard for me to imagine that they could build it for so little money.  

My main interest is how powerful the AMD APU's are in these things for presumably lower cost.  I want the same deal in a desktop computer, but I'm not likely to get it.  At the moment it would be very expensive to build something comparable, like at least $1500. 

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