Monday, October 25, 2010

The future of computing

It is easy for me to imagine a future where you could be coming home from work, and you ask your PDA/phone/music player for suggestions for dinner.   The thing would respond that it knows and easy recipe for tuna casserole, and all the ingredients are on sale at a store 5 blocks ahead on the right.   The reason why this is so easy to imagine such a scenario is that the technology exists right now.  Someone just has to create a search engine that can handle it.  

In the future we might let computers make more and more decisions for us, not because they are smarter than us, but because they have more information available to them.

In the future, computers might not only drive your car, but possibly make your meals, and clean your home.

John Coffey

Have you tried yelp on your iPhone?  It’s about 80% there.

David Wendel

From: Trout, Larry R

In a dark dystopian future….
No one cooks.
Everyone either microwaves complete meals or has food delivered.

A Spooky thought for Halloween :o

On my android, there’s an app called “yelp”.  It uses your location, and can recommend restaurants, or anything else around you.  With reviews and all kinds of stuff.

David Wendel

From: Trout, Larry R

You are correct, though.
The ubiquity of the internet has made an enormous amount of information instantly available.
It would be nice, and we are close, to being able to check the price and inventory of any item at any store.