Monday, May 25, 2020

Ryzen 7 4700G Reportedly Pushes AMD APUs To Eight Cores

There have been several stories about the leaked upcoming AMD 4700G APU processor.  I was hoping that this would be an Xbox Series X equivalent.  Although the processor has 8 cores, it only has 8 graphics compute units.  The upcoming Xbox Series X (AMD made) chip has 52 graphics compute units on the processor.  On a single chip, they have a powerful processor and the equivalent of a top of the line graphics card.

So it looks like if I want Xbox Series X graphics power on a computer that I will only be able to get it by purchasing a separate graphics card.  I thought that the point of an AMD APU was so that you don't have to buy a separate graphics card, but this might be a deliberate strategy by AMD to sell graphics cards.  

But if AMD is going to make a powerful all in one chip for the upcoming Xbox Series X, why won't they release that to everyone else?

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